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About Us

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ABC Trading Company is an emerging pharmaceutical wholesaler and distributor committed to delivering a high standard of service to retailers and partners in the healthcare sectors. 
ABC Trading Company is a sister company of ABC Group of Clinics which is located in and around the city of Chennai providing healthcare services since 2015. The trading company was established on Apri1,2022 currently serving more than 100s of retailers/clinics/hospitals 


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best in pharmaceutical wholesale medicine and medical-device distrbitution with a trusted reputation and reliable distribution network throughout India and to be able to provide superior and outstanding customer service. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with various medical sectors of the industry and to take part in the improvement of overall healthcare facilities of the nation by providing affordable and quality healthcare products. 

Our Story

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Our Team

Our seamless service is through the help of our dedicated and efficient teams.

Delivery Team: (Manager: Mrs. Chama Mounica)

To establish a reliable distribtion network and timely delivery to fulfil the patients/healthcare needs. 

Technical Team: (Manager: Mrs. Reena)

To manage online orders, inventory data, customer assistance for smoother operations.

Inventory Management Team: (Manager: Mrs. Hepsi Vinu)

To ensure proper cataloguing, appropriate medicine storage, safety, hygiene and maintenance of the inventory.

Our Clients

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